• About ME

    Full name: Hayat Dino Bedru

    Nationality: Ethiopian

    Birth place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Higher Education Level: Doctoral student


    I have studied undergraduate and masters degree in Ethiopia. In an undergraduate program, computer science and mathematics were my major and minor field of studies, respectively. In my MSc study, I specialized in software engineering.


    After completing undergraduate, I first entered Jimma University in 2007 as a Graduate Assistant and I had taught computer science related courses. I then moved to Addis Ababa in 2008 and joined software development company as a Software Developer. After then, I got admitted at HiLCoE to study MSc in Software Engineering, read more ...

  • Education

    Dalian University of Technology

    2014 - present

    Doctoral Student in Software Engineering

    HiLCoE School of Computer Science & Technology


    Masters of Science in Software Engineering

    Adama University


    B. Ed. in Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Areas of Practice

    Software Usability Engineering

    Human Computer Interaction

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    Software Testing

    Scholarly Big Data

    Team Science, Scientific Collaboration, Team Leadership

  • Research Area and publications

    Area of Interest

    Big Data, Team Science, Scientific Collaboration, Team Leadership, Social Networking

    Journal Publication

    HiLCoE, HiLCoE Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Vol 1, No. 1

    A Framework for Integrating Software Usability into Software Development Process

  • Contact me

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